Possibly Outsmart Your Daily Grind with CBD

No matter if you paid attention in high school anatomy class or not, something dear Teach might not have taught you is that our bodies actually contain something called an endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short. The ECS is responsible for keeping all the major physiological functions of the human body humming in harmony. It balances everything from sleep, stress, appetite, mood, memory, pain and fertility.

CBD itself stands for “cannabidiol”, and that’s not a coincidence. When absorbed, it interacts with our endocannabinoid receptors, with some users reporting it providing a sense of calmness as it gently balances out their inner workings.

The one area of our lives where we could all use a little potential help from CBD is at our EDJ (evil day job). From demands to deadlines and conferences to commutes, navigating the modern world is more stressful than ever. Thankfully, CBD could possibly be a useful tool you can take advantage of to perhaps lessen some of the load you’re carrying.


CBD may help lower anxiety

We all get anxious from time to time, but if daily nail biting is leaving your fingers raw, a calming dose of CBD might be able to take the edge off worries of embarrassment or fear of judgment in the workplace, according to some users. If routine negativity is leaving your glass half-empty or you find yourself plagued by concerns of under-performance, CBD might also be able to assist in connecting you back to your work so you can remain laser focused on your daily duties.


CBD may relieve tension in your muscles

It’s almost mandatory as we grow older for our backs to start hurting. When stressed, our bodies naturally bottle the tension and store it in our head, neck and shoulders. It’s easy to ignore at first, until a bend too long or a stretch the wrong way painfully reminds us that we are carrying stiffness in our muscles.

Stress from a long day, week, year at work may be manifesting itself in your body and keeping you from enjoying yourself when you’re not at the office. CBD in any form could potentially be your best friend in maintaining that crucial work-life balance, because it might help with easing the aches and pains caused by workplace stress. At least, some users report it can help.


CBD may keep your concentration on point

When everything’s running smoothly in your body, so can your concentration and clarity. But daily distractions hit us from all sides, fighting for our attention and doing their best to keep us from completing our work. Surprise tasks and interrupting emails, calls or co-workers can have us reaching for that extra cup of coffee, when what we should probably really be reaching for is something else.

Despite our best intentions, when something in our system is “off”, so will our focus be. CBD may help restore the balance in our bodies by potentially elevating our mental properties, making it easier for us to tune out distractions and power through the usual mid-day slump. Some workers find CBD helps with this.


CBD can work for anyone who works (but no promises)

Whether you work for a corporation or your co-worker is your cat, incorporating the potential natural wonders of CBD into your day may possibly provide the boost you’ve been looking for (but no guarantees). It might also help wind you down after another long grind so you can go back tomorrow a little more happy.

If you’re ready to see what CBD might do for you, check out our line of premium CBD products.


Important Note: CBD has not been evaluated by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any health concern. There is some anecdotal evidence that regular CBD use may enhance personal wellness by lessening pain, lowering anxiety, improving sleep and heightening mood.