About Us

Baton CBD is the sister company of Baton Vapor, located in Seattle, WA. Founded in 2016, Baton Vapor was created to offer a better alternative to smoking and the devastating effects that often come with it. Baton is an industry leader in vaping hardware technology and e-liquid manufacturing. Baton is now bridging the gap between traditional vaping and CBD by offering top-quality CBD e-liquids at a great price point. Try some out today!

Cannabidiol (“CBD” for short) comes from the cannabis sativa plant and has been used medicinally since the B.C.E. years. It is just one of 100+ cannabinoids contained in the plant, but unlike its more infamous cousin, THC, CBD doesn’t get a user “high”. It instead produces a calming effect that some users report may help to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep (but no promises). Its use has grown increasingly popular over the past few years, offering a myriad of options for consumers. You can now eat it, drink it, spray it, rub it, insert it, bathe in it, and yes… even vape it!